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Starting October 1st I will begin donating 100% of my royalties to charities that help young Malawians stay in school and get the most from it. I am a mentor for a child at the library in Kadzakaloa and learning a lot about their situation. I am no stranger to Africa, but I have never traveled to Malawi. They live on $1 a day, making school very difficult for many.

Please go to the last page on the site titled "Goodson Jamu's Page" to read more and to follow along as I update my sessions every Wednesday. Leave a comment on the "Contact" page. I would really like to hear from people who have mentored before.

UPDATE 1-21-22

I am happy to say that volume 2 in the JOURNEY series was sent to the editor today. I hope to have it out by summer at the latest!!!

Welcome to my website where I hope you will find something that will make you stop and think about the human condition, the life we all share.

The first book in the JOURNEY saga is out and getting some nice reviews and feedback for which I am grateful always.

I always strive for accuracy in all my writing but most especially in Historical Fiction for obvious reasons. Many of the characters in this book are real people doing real things important to our shared history. Others are compilations of realistic people doing realistic things that any of us would have been doing then.

"JOURNEY: The Story of an American Family" is the story of James Woodman, a free born young black man who lives in Washington, DC when it is burned by the British in 1814. James serves in the District militia alongside Francis Scott Key and not only engages the invaders but is on hand to save the Founding Documents from destruction. James has helped a young runaway from the southern slave fields named Luke to find freedom on his father's farm where he himself grew up along with his brother who was stolen by slave hunters and sold south into bondage, a constant and very real threat to the freedom of any black man, woman or child regardless of status.

After the war of 1812 is over, James goes back to his father's farm to live in peace, but the voracious and persistent slave hunters make that impossible. James raises three children, works his farm and secretly conducts on the Underground Railroad, fighting for the freedom of strangers as well as his own and that of his family and community.

Follow James' story and that of his descendants as he grows his family and fights for freedom in an America where not ALL men are created equal regardless of written promises made.

"JOURNEY" and "DRIVING IN BUDAPEST" are both available on Amazon and BN.com as well as on Kindle.

Please feel free to send a comment, suggestion or a recipe on the contacts page..... I would love to hear from you!! If you'd like to schedule a remote Book Club meeting, please drop me a line and we'll do it!!!