This is a different sort of site in an important way. The world out there says you must specialize, pick a lane and stick to it! If you don't you are DOOMED to fail!

​​​​I have always thought that was a stupid way to look at I don't and I hope that you do not either! 

I am also someone who cares deeply about the world we all share, and the current predicament we here in the U.S. are now facing with the rise of the MAGA-NAZIS. I cannot and WILL not let their threat to our country go unchallenged in any way I can!

These are two podcasts I do to hold the far right extremists to account. One of the is titled "I HATE NAZIS" and I can bet you have already figured out which one!! They are available most anywhere but also on my SUBSTACK PAGE along with much, much more.

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Check out the tabs at the top of the page to navigate to whatever interests you on this visit. Whether it is great reading, informative & interesting podcasts and much more on Substack, or maybe you want to read about my work with kids in Africa or my posts from Lviv, Ukraine where I am spending 6 weeks as a volunteer. As I said, there really is something here for everyone.....especially if you like airplanes!!!

I am a writer. I love to write. Every agent I spoke with said I MUST stick to only ONE genre! Again, uhm BS...

So I write award winning fiction, but some is Historical Fiction, one is a set of short stories set in Budapest and one is a true to life (almost!) aviation based crime thriller, with some exciting flying scenes right out of my own logbook. 


"But Gary," I am asked. "How can ONE man do so much and maintain a grip on reality"??

Good question!

I express myself across a wide variety of platforms on a range of subjects that I find interesting, important, critical and artistic!

And, if YOU have a wide range of interests and are not pigeon-holed by society, then YOU have come to the right place!