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Thanks for dropping by the site. I have very big news to announce: ​

Volume 2 in the JOURNEY saga is out and available NOW at Amazon in print and Kindle e book!!!

That's right, now you can follow James and the entire Woodman family as they are forced to continue to fight for their birthright, their freedom, as well as the freedom and dignity of others on the Underground Railroad. The looming Civil War affects everyone in every corner of their world. When the storm breaks, will the farm and the family still be standing?

As in Volume 1, I have done my research and keep it interesting for the history buffs as the story roars along. Here is a synopsis of the Woodman family saga so far:

JOURNEY: THE STORY OF AN AMERICAN FAMILY  Volume 1 takes a very hard and sometimes uneasy look at our shared history in the US. It begins in 1814 as James Woodman, a free born Black man who serves in the militia and fights the invading British who try burn Washington DC. during the War of 1812. He had helped a young boy fleeing enslavement find freedom on his father's farm in Pennsylvania. He goes home to the farm to start a family of his own and also join the fight for freedom conducting on the Underground Railroad.

The story is sometimes harsh and often brutal, but also shines in its telling of the family and their dreams. James does not flinch when forced to fight for farm and family, sometimes without mercy. Slave hunters are an ever present threat to any Blacks, free or not.

JOURNEY Volume 2 begins in 1856 as James returns to the family farm he was forced to flee five years before after slave hunters raided the farm looking to kill him for the work he was doing. He and son Jonathan go back to work on the Underground Railroad even as the steady stream becomes a flood as the looming Civil War approaches. Will their precious farm home survive? Will they?? Follow the adventure!!

I also have another book that has been very well received by critics. "DRIVING IN BUDAPEST" was written during the decade I lived there after leaving the cockpit. It is a collection of urban tales that describe the universal yearning of us all to be loved and happy in our lives, even though these things are sometimes just out of reach. The Kirkus Review on another page of this site will describe it perfectly. They are stories that speak to everyone!

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